by Veery

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released March 21, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Chris Compton at Etching Tin Studios.
Mastered By Dave Downham at Gradwell House Studios.
Cover art and layout by Alexandra Dimitri

Veery is
Harris - guitar/vocals
Chris - bass/vocals
Alex - drums

Extra backup vocals on "Dry" by Cory Chubb.



all rights reserved


Veery Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Julia
I felt the heat of your lip.
I felt the heat of the blood in your veins
I felt indirection, I felt the loss
felt desperation and pushed you away

losing a friend
losing a friend again

another year on the bus watching the wind in the dew
another 45 minute ride next to an empty seat, wish it were...
the summer came and went
I kept my feet in the stream
I watched it push the frost around
and when i looked real hard i saw a freckled cheek
I saw milky skin
I saw grey blue eyes
I saw your mothers house on the news
and as the ice was pushed I started seeing mine

the feeling changes and I go inside
Track Name: Zero Three
productivity is a lie
making it seem i'm worthwhile
I'm having trouble
I always struggle
I always struggle to get by with my time.
a product from my hands
but I can't ever hold on
I missed the moment
I want to hold it
But it's always slipping by

now I'm facedown...
Track Name: Summer Kids
summer blades and itching skin
playing guns with violent kids
never wanna go inside
stirring up a feeling I never quite could hide

with your arm around my shoulders again
from the stream to your place
discussing who had the better shot
kissing the end unafraid

summer kids dreaming of violent endings
Track Name: Dry
hand on my shoulder, I don't want it
feels like a creep trying to lead me into its room
whispering progress, I think I want it
but theres a spirit seeping into my room
a fathers figure, a mothers guidance
hands of gold and the love of a billion too
why do I feel sick, I clearly want it
great equalizer wants to come into my room

it's got a pitch now, it's got a message
it's got a thousand books for everything I do
but I don't want that, I want violence
I want the D.A. kick to blow my brains anew
I want indirection

hear the sound? hear the drum?
everything I wanted
the spirit provide
can't help but feel it sucking me dry

but the sound, but the drum
you used to play now you feel it don't belong
things were different then, unremoved

everything your wanting, I will provide
I only need a bit of your time.